Sunday, January 23, 2011

Back from berlin

Back from berlin fashion week, really nice experience! I have worked for PERRET SCHAAD,Lala Berlin, Anja Cockel, Blacky dress, allude, KILIAN KERNER, Unrath&Strano and some young fashion designer like: Grosser&Heinrich(they are from the Fachhochschule hannover so like me ;D) and Lucian Broscatean(He comes from Romania and really friendly)
I enjoy the time at backstage, all the designer has own style with excellent idea! And I have seem Lily Cole at backstage of Anja Cockel, I am a big fan!
It is really hard to say which show is my favorites, but if I really need, I will choose PERRET SCHAAD! Simple cut, clear and romantic, high quality textile fabric!

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  1. Great selection of pictures. Kepp up the good work