Friday, June 11, 2010

Tara wants to show her new blue ball

Good weather today,and nice to find a old motorcycle from Mr.D. Pity the motorcycle is totally broken,but Mr.D is gonna start to repair it,hope soon it can really be use.

The look of today~With this little cute motorcycle.

Ladies and gentlemen,let me introduce my little angel:TARA. She got
a new blue ball,which I do not know where is come from. The color of the ball is nearly the same as the motocycle,maybe because tara want to be also part of the photo,so she got everything ready for the photoshot!OH,what a stupid lovely dog!

Of course,she also wants to play with the ball,not just showing :D

Tara never gives the ball to other person,although she is already tired for play.The ball is part of her life!

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