Monday, May 24, 2010


Well,after many raining days,this sunday is gona to a real "sun" day!
The point is "Der Flohmarkt". I decided to sell all of my clothes,those not be used anymore for me.
Before we going,let is hype it if you like my photos:)
23日的星期天,终于迎来了入夏后的一个Sun day,当日我和朋友决定去hannover的跳蚤市场卖掉堆积很久很久的旧衣服。早上7点出发前,在家门口拍下了今天的穿着,如果你喜欢,请帮我hype 哦~

Here is all of my stuff,of couse some are from my friend,we share one booth together.

Quite hot at noon,the straw hat I wore is from my friend,she sell it with 2 euro,but no body want it,why?I feel it looks cool!


The flea markt we gone is a very nice artistic area in Hannover,here you can find many cool things with really cheap price!

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